Products:High Temperature European Plugs, Band Heater Plugs

High Temperature European Plugs, Band Heater Plugs & Connectors International Extention Cords, Custom European Power Supply Cords

DIN 49450 ROUND PIN, DIN 49458, (VDE 035),   DIN 49458 A/B FLAT PIN,   DIN 49458 B FLAT PIN  


High Temperature European Plugs & Connectors, Band Heater Plugs, Custom Cord
 Sets, International Extention Cords, Custom European Power Supply Cords


High Temperature Ring Terminals, Spades, Slip-ons and Butt Connectors

One piece, steel construction, nickel plated for protection. Capable of providing reliable circuitry in temperature ranges up to 900°F/482°C.

High temperature ring terminals-various ring & wire sizes         High temperature rings, spades,slip-ons & butt connectos-terminals

High Temperature Ring Terminals, High Temperature Spades, Slip-Ons, Male and Female Disconnects

High Temperature Terminal Blocks, Ceramic Bases & Covers, High Temp-erature Fiberglass & Aluminum Tape, High Temperature Thermocouple and Extension Grade Wire

High temperature terminal blocks, High temperature ceramic bases and covers      Thermocouple wire-Standard & High temperature, Multiple zone thermocouple cable       High temperature fiberglass tape, High temperature aluminum tape

High Temperature Terminal Blocks   Thermocouple Wire-High Temp.       High Temperature F/GTapes 



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